Project Overview

Creating a memorable self-promotional piece to introduce myself as an entry-level designer to a prospective employer. I had to convey what made me stand out from the others, so that future employers would consider following up on my work and portfolio.

Skills / Tools

Photoshop, InDesign



Design Objectives

My goals were to build up my core skills, formulate design problems, and apply research in order to develop better design solutions. The image I wanted to project was someone who’s persistent and doesn’t give up despite the tough circumstances.


Showing exaggerated situations of accumulated hurdles such as stress, pressure, and deadlines that we face in life, but overcoming them– to keep strong, and never give up.

Project Scope

An 8×8 booklet with 16 pages will be produced, bounded by saddle stitching. Will be using small format printing on a digital press. Can be handed in person and through mail. Mainly through mail. The booklet will be closed using a clear mailing seal, so that it’s easy to peel and won’t leave sticky residue.

Page Examples

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