About me

Hi, I’m Rebeca. If it were up to me, I’d say the whole world should be be painted pink. Besides my not so subtle attachment to anything pastels and pink, I absolutely love design. From what began as just a hobby to now a part of my everyday routine – design has basically taken over my life.


What would the world be without design? It’s not just part of my life, but it’s all around us. From book covers to even your favourite candy bar wrapper, design exists in every medium whether you consciously realize it or not.

Balancing the best of the both worlds, I dabble in HTML & CSS, and try not to get too frustrated in JavaScript (honestly, who doesn’t… unless you’re a super wizard). With my several certificates in New Media & Web Development and Technical Web Design, you could guess that I’m very eager to learn. Currently, I’m finishing off my studies as an undergrad at ECUAD, majoring in Communication Design. While learning is exciting, I’d love to take on some more projects.

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Email: hello@rebecas.ca

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