Project Overview

Manchu Wok needs to distinguish themselves from their competitors in the industry and stand out, by keeping true to their roots, while also appealing to a more modern audience. The three visual words for the rebrand — Authentic, Fresh, Youthful.

Skills / Tools

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Manchu Wok Rebrand


Design Brief

The main typefaces for this project are the Walkway family and Open Sans I chose these fonts mainly because they were san-serifs— conveying a more youthful, fresh, and cleaner image. Open Sans is used for larger bodies of text and is paired with Walkway for the similarity of being clean, but still different enough when used together.

The new colours consist of dark red (maroon), deep yellow, white, neutral grey, and black. The original branding was too bright on the eyes, so the reasoning behind the colour palette was to tone it down a bit, and lessen the “in-your-face” factor. I also wanted to keep true to original branding colours, since red was Manchu Wok’s distinguished colour, but used black and white appropriately to give the design a sense of balance.

The design style combines a modern, playful approach, as depicted by the swirl of noodles, with other simple illustrative elements shown through the bowl and chopsticks. I simplified and amplified the visual messaging of the brand, by getting rid of the distracting heavy calligraphic font. I kept the core, authentic personality of the font the same by using different weights and strokes in the main typeface.



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